Giving Back

“Every Berri Fit product is tied to a unique cause that we care deeply about.”


Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s mission is to find a cure for childhood cancer. Founded in 1970, this non-profit charity raises money for research, state of the art equipment and patient care for world renowned doctors at the hospitals PCF supports. No child and their family should have to suffer the horror, pain and despair of pediatric cancer. The eradication of this devastating disease depends on groups like PCF. Berri Fit will donate to PCF 3% of sales from every bottle of Organic Lemon-Lime sold.


Citizens for GMO Labeling is a grassroots movement of parents, farmers and citizens dedicated to regaining our basic right to know what we are eating and feeding our families. We are taking back our food, our government, and our children’s future. Berri Fit will donate to Citizens for GMO Labeling 3% of sales from every bottle of Organic Dragon Fruit sold.

Canines for Disabled Kids

Canines for Disabled Kids’s is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that connects disabled children with the service dog that can help them overcome limitations caused by a variety of disabilities. With scholarships to offset the cost of service dogs, Canines for Disabled Kids finds service dogs to help children with tasks as little as picking things up, turning off the lights, and opening all of life’s closed doors. Berri Fit will donate to Canines for Disabled Kids 3% of sales from every bottle of Organic Mango sold.


Through a partnership with ChildFund International, Berri Fit will support the Send A Girl to School program that pays for the tuition for girls in Kenya. School can help children break the cycle of generational poverty by helping them acquire the knowledge and skills they need to find work and support themselves. By improving their access to education, ChildFund allows young girls to be better equipped for a brighter future in Kenya. Berri Fit will donate to ChildFund 3% of sales from every bottle of Organic Acai sold.