3 Ways to Reuse Berri Bottles



Using our Berri Lyte bottle, cut the bottle in half so that the bottom half resembles a cup. Fill your planter with soil or rocks. Find the plant you’d like to grow. Plant it in the soil, and you’re all set!

Planting hack! If you aren’t able to go buy a plant, try growing an existing plant or vegetable you have at home. Simply trim a piece from a larger plant, gather seeds from a fruit or vegetable, and plant that instead. That’s what we did.

 Water jug:

Using our Berri Lyte bottle, poke three holes into the cap. Fill the bottle up with water. Water the small pots and planters you have in your home.

Travel hack! If you’re leaving town, simply leave the bottle upside down in the planter to slowly water your plants while traveling. 

Message in a Bottle: 

Using our Berri Fit bottle, have your kids write their friends messages and draw photos on a piece of paper. 

Feel free to add fun little trinkets inside for friends to play with. For example, erasers, colored pencils, or bouncy balls. 

Address the outside of the bottle and send someone a message in a bottle! You can drive by and drop off the bottle at a friend’s house. A social distance message in a bottle.