Berri Pro Partners with World Seido Karate Organization!

Berri Pro is excited to announce a partnership with World Seido Karate! On June 1, Berri Pro sponsored World Seido’s 40th Anniversary Go-En Celebration. With more than 20,000 students worldwide and branches in 18 countries, World Seido was founded by Tadashi Nakamura, who said: “his purpose was to show what I feel is the true essence, the kernel of true karate-do: the training of body, mind, and spirit together in order to realize the fullness of human potential.” Berri Pro is honored to hydrate the Seido community with the world’s 1st plant-based USDA Certified Organic fitness beverage.

A world-renowned karateka, Nakamura is a ninth degree black belt with over 50 years of experience in practicing and teaching martial arts. A year after entering the karate scene, Nakamura became a Japanese national hero by knocking out a Thai kickboxing champion in a match to determine which nation had the superior martial art. In 1966, Nakamura was personally selected to help bring the true spirit of karate to America. In 1976, Nakamura respectfully withdrew from Kyokushin Karate and created Seido – which means “sincere way” in Japanese – to develop individuals who are committed to improving themselves and their communities.

Because of movies, television, and the rise of mixed martial arts, karate is widely perceived as a purely physical fighting art. Karate certainly develops strength, stamina, and physical well-being; however, this is not the heart of karate and is not the focus of Seido Karate. Seido’s New York Honbu is one of the largest martial arts schools in the world and has approximately 50 black belts training on an average day. More importantly, Seido represents the ideal that karate can help individuals to better understand themselves and others and to make significant contributions to their communities.