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With its strong isotonic, hypo-allergenic and all-natural health benefits, our coconut water is tapped from the center of young, green coconuts in the Philippines. It has fewer calories, less sodium, and more potassium than sports drinks. According to New Nutrition Business, coconut water is set to redefine the sports drink market, giving consumers the choice of an all-natural isotonic drink for the first time . Berri Fit’s proprietary formula limits the high calories and sugar associated with 100% coconut water.



Maca is an ancient Inca superfood used by indigenous Andean societies as a source of energy and healing. Harvested in Peru, maca is unique because it gives athletes energy in a balanced way (unlike caffeine and sugar) and supports faster muscle recovery. Our organic farming partners hand-select the finest maca roots, which they gently dry and mill to preserve the nutritional benefits.

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Berri Fit is infused with organic Manuka honey from New Zealand that is 100x more potent in antioxidants than ordinary honey. The 1st fitness beverage infused with Manuka honey, Berri Fit hand-selected our organic Manuka honey with a UMF Rating of 10+. Ordinary Manuka has only the hydrogen peroxide antibacterial property common to most types of honey, whereas UMF Manuka has both the natural hydrogen peroxide antibacterial property and its own natural UMF antibacterial property, giving it increased antibacterial potency. Providing natural carbohydrates and aiding athletes in post-workout recovery, Manuka honey is one of the most effective honeys naturally accessible.



Berri Fit sources organic ginseng from Canada. Ginseng is an herb from the plant family Araliacae that originated more than 5,000 years ago. While it is used in Chinese medicine for a number of ailments, athletes are using ginseng as a source for increased energy, stamina and focus due to its adaptogenic properties that allow ginseng to counter effects of stress and fatigue.



Berri Fit’s organic agave nectar is considered the healthiest plant-based alternative to sugar. A low-glycemic index food that saves you 40% in calories without the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners (stevia, erythritol, high frucose corn syrup), agave will not “spike” your blood sugar levels like sugar.

Maqui Berry


Considered the “King of Superfruits,” maqui superberries are the highest-known antioxidant fruits. Athletes produce far more free radicals than an average person at rest because they take in excess oxygen when they exercise. Studies show that athletes produce more free radicals than our bodies can handle during intense exercise, resulting in fatigue, delayed recovery, muscle soreness and an overall decrease in performance. Our maqui superberries from Chile allow athletes to remain at their peak performance.



Berri Fit’s USDA Certified Organic vegetable glycerin is a carbohydrate derived from plant oils often used by health-conscious athletes today as a healthy way to hydrate. Our organic vegetable glycerin helps fitness enthusiasts increase their absorption rate of essential electrolytes and nutrients into their bloodstream faster.



Sea salt is the #1 source of sodium for athletes.  Unlike table salt which is refined and contains additives like aluminum silicate, sea salt is naturally from the ocean and helps athletes with proper electrolyte balance.  Our premium sea salt also helps athletes absorb potassium and prevent muscle pains, spasms and cramps.



Berri Fit sources all flavors from USDA Certified organic suppliers. No artificial flavors or synthetic electrolytes. We use colors only from real fruits and vegetables like raspberries, blueberries and carrots! No red 40, no yellow 5, no blue 1. Another benefit to being organic: no preservatives! Berri Fit products are kept shelf-stable using only organic lemon juice and organic amla fruit. In fact, Berri Fit is the 1st beverage in history to become shelf-stable without non-naturally occurring citric acid and ascorbic acid, common preservatives used in most beverages.”

Berri Fit is a USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Paleo-Friendly Fitness Beverage

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