New Year, Berri New Addition – Introducing Berri Lyte

We are so excited to showcase Berri Lyte®, the newest member of our Berri® happy family. In the creation of Berri Lyte®, we wanted to provide a natural resource to care for yourself, or a little one. With this in mind, we created the world’s 1st organic, plant-based oral electrolyte solution. As a healthier alternative to Pedialyte, Berri Lyte® helps prevent dehydration due to stomach flu symptoms. Berri Lyte® utilizes the best ingredients including coconut water, guava, and maqui super berries to supply nutrients like potassium, zinc and antioxidants to restore hydration. No fear– Berri Lyte® doesn’t use artificial ingredients or artificial sugar. These plant-based electrolytes are only sweetened with organic fruit juices ensuring a flavor you will love! 

With flu season in full force, stock up on Berri Lyte® at your local CVS Pharmacy to keep you, and your kiddos feeling their best.