🍀St. Patrick’s Day Berri Fit Cocktail! 🍀

Celebrating St. Patty’s Day from home? We’ve created an easy DIY cocktail that you can enjoy with your family! Don’t worry, we included a drink for the kiddos too. Incorporating Berri Fit into your St. Patrick’s Day cocktail will not only add flavor, but also replenish electrolytes to keep you hydrated!

Berri Fit Cocktail: 

  • Grab a cute glass & fill with ice.
  • Measure half a shot of organic vodka. (Or a whole shot, it’s your preference)
  • Add your favorite flavor of Berri Fit. We used Mango! 
  • Top off with sparkling water to add some fizz. We used a Ginger flavor!
  • Finish with a green straw and a squeeze of lime. 


Berri Lyte Mocktail: 

  • Grab a cute sippy cup!
  • Fill up with your favorite flavor of Berri Lyte. We used coconut! 
  • Add fruit to garnish so your littles enjoy a ‘fancy’ St. Patty’s Day drink! 

Grab your family, whip up some drinks and enjoy. Don’t forget to wear green 😉 Cheers!